Access statement

Ceilwart Ganol Farm Barn conversions are approached up a steep tarmaced driveway.

There are bus stops at the bottom of the drive for both directions (ask for Plas Llwyd) and train stations at Barmouth (20 minutes walk) and Llanaber Halt (10 minutes walk). Please note that Llanaber Halt is a request stop.

The footpath from Ceilwart Ganol Farm directly down to the beach entails walking down a steep tarmaced driveway, crossing the A496 and then following the Ceilwart Lane path down the tarmaced top section, through the grassed bottom section, over an unmanned level crossing and then over the promenade road to the beach. It takes approximately 5 minutes, but longer on the return due to being up hill. Access to the beach can also be by car through Barmouth or on horseback via a nearby narrow road.


Access into Penty Buwch is by three stone steps from the gravel path OR via two decking steps to the french doors on the front. There is no wheelchair access.

The cottage is single storey but on three levels with two steps between the hall-way and kitchen and a further two from the kitchen to the lounge. The doorways vary in width from the backdoor being 40 inches others others being a standard 30 inches.

The wet room is a fully-tiled walk in shower without any steps or cills and includes a toilet and low level wash basin

There are no safety gates for toddlers.


Access into Penty Mochyn is through the front bedroom door (no steps) from the gravel path OR via sloped access (with alternative steps) to the rear first floor kitchen door at the rear.

Access to the rear patio area is via the rear (kitchen) door.

Access to the upper grassed area is via five stone steps.

The cottage is two storey with standard 13 tread stairs linking the bedrooms and bathrooms (downstairs) with the open plan kitchen and lounge (upstairs).

The doorways vary in width from the backdoor being 32 inches others others being a standard 30 inches.

Toddlers safety gates are provided for the stairs (top and bottom)

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